Month: February 2017

Raccoons Isn’t Trash


A couple of days ago a raccoon achieved internet stardom as it was caught hitching a ride on a garbage truck by Politico reporter Helena Evich in Arlington, VA. After altering the garbage truck driver to the presence of the stowaway she Tweeted the image she’d snapped while driving (because it’s the 21st century) and it spread like wildfire along with #trashraccoon. That just becomes a bizarre complication as the internet has already decided to give raccoons to moronic moniker of “trash panda,” so “trash raccoon” becomes almost recursive. Anyway, after a few miles the garbage truck driver stopped near Larry Graves Park where police worked with him to remove the raccoon from the vehicle and release it into the park.

This was actually one of two incidents involving raccoons in Arlington, VA this week! The other was on the day before Valentine’s Day, when animal control, officers helped helped to extricate a “hefty” raccoon caught in a drain at a school. Hey, no fat shaming the wildlife! See the post about this incident on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s Facebook page.