Month: October 2015


Photographs by Anya Schiffrin
Photographs by Anya Schiffrin

Not to be outdone by the pizza rat from not-too-long-ago (which has not only inspired a Halloween costume, but a sexy one at that!) raccoons have decided to show New Yorkers that they, too, can enjoy the fine cuisine the city has to offer. Only raccoons do it better, because while the rat ultimately abandoned its food the raccoon succeeded in securing it. This took place in Central Park, where Anya Schiffrin managed to snap a couple of quick photos as she watched it snatch up the slice from a garbage can, scurry up a tree and scarf down the meal.

Source: The New York Post


See ya' later, shit head!

A couple of weeks ago there was a new raccoon meme making its rounds through social media. In it, a supposed police report –with an oddly Illuminati-like background–was passed around. The report supposedly detailed how a Navy man, leaving a San Diego bar and somewhat inebriated, managed to catch a raccoon and put its lips to a car-mounted breathalyzer (meaning he had a history of intoxicated driving) to start up the car. The raccoon was knocked unconscious from the effort (he supposedly squeezed air out of its mouth) and tossed to the backseat. When it awoke shortly thereafter it attacked him, at which point he crashed into a pool in a residential neighborhood and was later arrested by the police. The meme is below:


It’s bunk. Snopes was quick to find the source of the meme, a satirical Facebook page named Just the Tip of the Spear (whose logo is that Illuminati-looking Eye of Providence, which can also be found on your money if you’re a United States citizen) which is focused on ex-military entertainment. The Pendleton police department and the Navy have both responded to reporters that the story is not real, citing such evidence as the case number not at all resembling their filing system,

Source: Snopes