Month: October 2014

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Saskatoon Raccoon


In Saskatoon, Canada, there is a legal battle brewing the likes of which hasn’t been seen since a couple of years ago here in the United States.  A couple that took in a pair of baby raccoon almost a year and a half ago, after they were seemingly abandoned by their mother, tried to register the surviving pet with the local government.  Unfortunately, as with many places, it’s illegal to own a raccoon as a pet for the understandable reason that they aren’t domesticated and can pose a threat to human health.  This couple, the Hooks, has since evacuated the area for fear the government might try to confiscate the animal and is filing for an exemption from the rule.  I wish them the best of luck, but caution them to be careful of the company they keep.

Source: The Toronto Star


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Rescue Ranger Rick

As reported by Barcroft TV, a producer of news segments, a raccoon was recently stuck in a drain cover in Santa Cruz, CA and needed to be cut out of the metal fixture after it was separated from the ground.  First off, the title is a little silly: “Cute Raccoon Freed From Drain Using Angel Grinder”?  Well that’s redundant.  It’s a raccoon so of course it’s cute! Secondly, it’s a real shame to see the fur worn away around the animal’s neck, but at least it got a cool coat of purple antibiotics sprayed around the damaged area to help it heal.  Purple’s my favorite color! Especially on raccoons! But hey, all’s well that end’s well as the little guy got to go home.

And I love that little grin the raccoon’s got on the snapshot image for the video, although I think he was sedated at that point.



Microsoft has a new commercial out for the Xbox One that involves football and/or fantasy football or something.  I don’t know.  It’s apparently not advertising a Madden game, which is a perplexing approach for a video game system.  I find the commercial rather pointless, seemingly seeking to paint a football player as some sort of autistic mute … but one with a pet raccoon that can apparently materialize out of thin air and then vanish just as quickly.  I appreciate the random raccoon.  I just would have appreciated a better commercial.