Month: July 2018

Raccoons in the Teevee

NOT a raccoon.

What with the recent announcement of a The Raccoons reboot, one would think the television market had reached saturation on raccoon-based programming. Deciding the media landscape could stand just a skosh more procyoniness, PGS Entertainment recently announced that they will be bringing a Sly Cooper television series to somewhere in 2019. Although it seems like a large commitment, at 52 episodes, they’re all of the mini-episode (11 minutes in length) variety.  This will make them ideal for consumption online.  Considering Sly Cooper games have only appeared on Sony platforms, I wouldn’t be surprised if this program ends up on Sony’s Crackle service. Oh wait, they’re looking to bail on that investment.

There is no word on how this may affect the previously announced Sly Cooper movie, however there has been no word on progress on that project for several years, so it’s presumed dead. That was being made by Rainmaker Studios, who were behind the disastrous Ratchet & Clank movie a couple of years ago.

Source: Push Square

Raccoons Making Daring Escapes

That raccoon probably wishes he had raccoon Mario’s flying ability.

This week, in New Brunswick, NJ, a house was on fire. Once all of the human residents made it out quickly and safely, the media put their attention on a raccoon squatter who was caught up in the conflagration (that word might be a bit of an exaggeration.) From an elevated position, the critter was seen on the rooftops running for safety until it finally made a desperate leap to lower ground. Sadly, it miscalculated and its rear clipped the edge of the gutter, causing the animal to start spinning mid-air (that’s a good trick!) to the next lowest level. Then, shaking off the potential disaster as though it meant to do that, the raccoon wandered off to safety.

Check the source for video of the event.

Source: WTHR News

Raccoons Reboot


The “classic” animated series about raccoons, imaginatively titled The Raccoons, from the mid-80’s to the early 90’s is–like many, MANY things these days–getting a reboot. First hinted at years ago, there’s now been a formal announcement of an animated holiday special scheduled for 2019.  Interestingly, this echoes the premier of the original series which also began with a holiday special, “The Christmas Raccoons.”  I tried re-watching it a couple of years back and found it to be deathly  boring.  Here’s hoping this new version will up the comedy and/or action and not by mimicking the “it’s random so it’s funny” style of modern programs like The Regular Show or Rick & Morty. But hey, it stars raccoons so I’ll have to give it a shot at least once.

Check out the program’s listing on animation studio Big Jump‘s website.

Here is a teaser/test animation for the reboot which is pretty much the original show’s opening re-animated in the new style.

Considering the original series already had a theme of conservation in place, I can see it easily fitting in with modern sensibilities and emphasizing an environmental message. I almost want to place a bet on how long before global warming gets mentioned in this reboot.

Source: Indie 88 – There’s a Reboot of the Raccoons in the Works