Month: March 2016

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Parkinson Disease

00003541001535 (1)Parkinson’s Disease (named after James Parkinson, a doctor from London) is no fun. But, thanks to the students at Franklin High school in Portland, Oregon, it’s about to get much … cuter. The 4th World Parkinson’s Disease Congress¬†(it occurs triennially) will be taking place in Portland from September 20 – 23 this year year, and the city saw fit to develop a mascot for the event. As it turned out an art teacher and the cosplay club at the school … schools have cosplay clubs, now?! Weird.

Anyway, the world now has “Parky,” the Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Raccoon. He’s about six feet tall and cuddly.Also, he’s apparently traveling the world.

At least they didn’t go with a pig. But “Parky the Pig” might be actionable.

Source: Portland Tribune


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: It Must Be Spring Training Time


A couple of years ago a raccoon sneaked¬†into the New York Yankees’ Spring Training stadium in Tampa, FL. Well that little guy seems to have started a trend, as the New York Yankees once again had their training interrupted by a raccoon interloper. This time, the critter wasn’t removed without incident: the worker who was trying to remove him from the net behind home plate pushed a little too hard, causing the raccoon to fall quite a distance. Fortunately the raccoon was unhurt, and ran off immediately after.

Source: Vice Sports