Month: April 2016

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Smarter & Smarter


Not much to say this week. Just that I read a fantastic article at Nautilus (which I have to admit is a rather well-laid out webzine) about the intelligence of raccoons and the ongoing war with them in Toronto, which requires the development of raccoon-proof locks on garbage bins. Here’s an excerpt:

The city itself may be partly to blame. “Cities are machines for learning. They offer a maelstrom of activities,” says Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City. “I’m sure it must be for animals as well, a range of possibilities to learn from and learn about.”  Cities might have proved particularly beneficial to raccoons because of their innate boldness. MacDonald says bold and curious animals like racoons make good learners.

Source: The Intelligent Life of the City Raccoon by Jude Isabella

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A search for “raccoon” and “juke” turned up this adorable painting from the artist crystalmelsell732.

At the Juke Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, you’ll find live music, bar food, some recognition of blue music, and raccoons. A gaze of raccoons living in the woods behind the bar are known to venture onto the patio (but never indoors) to mingle with the patrons, who enjoy feeding the critters. I’ll bet they love some crawfish, it’s probably be really cute to see a raccoon tearing into one of those things. These visitors have become such a fixation that employees have begun redecorating the inside with more of a raccoon theme, and have even unofficially changed the bar’s mascot to a raccoon! I may need to swing by this place sometime.

I really want to feed a raccoon a crawfish.

Source: The Mississippi Sun Herald