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Raccoons in da’ House

Apparently this is a video promoting an expose about corruption in the Major League Soccer team, DC United. It’s by a group called Once a Metro, specifically Jesse Marsch. I think? There’s no real information divulged in the video, so I suppose it’s just a teaser for the expose? I’m not sure I can actually find the articles of whatever. Unless the implication is that actual raccoons are the source of the corruption? The whole thing is kind of baffling. But the picture of Nixon with a human-sized raccoon is kind of funny.

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: It Must Be Spring Training Time


A couple of years ago a raccoon sneaked into the New York Yankees’ Spring Training stadium in Tampa, FL. Well that little guy seems to have started a trend, as the New York Yankees once again had their training interrupted by a raccoon interloper. This time, the critter wasn’t removed without incident: the worker who was trying to remove him from the net behind home plate pushed a little too hard, causing the raccoon to fall quite a distance. Fortunately the raccoon was unhurt, and ran off immediately after.

Source: Vice Sports



Back in late-October this year there was a football game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles (spoiler warning: the Eagles won by 20 points.) One intrepid sports fan–of the non-human variety–attempted to hide in the stadium, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, until game time. Of course, businesses tend to look down on someone getting into a game without paying for a ticket so the little guy was rounded up and taken somewhere prior to kick off. At least somebody was able to get a picture of the raccoon as he was taken away. If only reporters did their job and followed up on whether any animal cruelty occurred.

Of course, knowing that Philly is a terrible place filled with terrible people I have to assume only the worst happened to the furry little guy. That’ll learn him!

The Washington Post had a good take on the news, pointing out that raccoons tend to show up in relation to New York sports teams and rounded up a collection of incidents involving wild animals and sports events.

SOURCE: True Jersey


Microsoft has a new commercial out for the Xbox One that involves football and/or fantasy football or something.  I don’t know.  It’s apparently not advertising a Madden game, which is a perplexing approach for a video game system.  I find the commercial rather pointless, seemingly seeking to paint a football player as some sort of autistic mute … but one with a pet raccoon that can apparently materialize out of thin air and then vanish just as quickly.  I appreciate the random raccoon.  I just would have appreciated a better commercial.

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: We’re In Your Stadiums, Watching You Practice

Raccoon in the Stands

The New York Yankees are currently preparing for the 2014 season at their spring-training facilities in Tampa, FL.  Really, why do they go all the way out there just to practice? I guess it is warmer than New York currently is.  Anyway, it looks like more than just sports reporters and the die hard fans are watching their preparations, as a New York Post photographer found out!

Source: New York Post