Month: January 2015



These days, making friends outside of some social network seems like an impossible task to people of a certain generation and beyond.  It’s just the changing times.  However, one way to make sure that a friendship has no online ties is for it to happen with an animal.  Since, as yet, they don’t use the Internet.  Although science is trying to address that little oversight.

A West Virginia woman made friends with a mother raccoon searching for food for her babies.  Proving a reliable food source, her home has become something of a second home to a family of raccoons (well, around three) and she recently published featuring photos and anecdotes about her new animal friends.  Proving to do things especially old school, there isn’t even an e-book format for it.

SOURCE: The Inter Mountain


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: He Sits on the Porcelain Throne

36B589C8America’s Funniest Videos spotlighted a video of a potty trained raccoon during their Christmas edition.  Wow, America’s Funniest Videos is still around?  When I was a kid, it was called America’s Funniest Home Videos and it was hosted by Bob Saget.  You know, while he was capitalizing on being a major star in the hit series, Full House.  I’m so sorry that my generation loosed that horror upon the world.  I know, the people who made the show were from a generation or two before me, but we’re the idiots who watched that drivel.  It’s a good thing television has come so far from those horrifying days of TGIF programming block.  Sometimes, when I’m all alone and there’s nothing to distract me from my darkest thoughts, I can still hear the bone chilling laugh of Steve Urkel echoing deep in the recesses of my brain.

Video Source: Potty-trained Raccoon @ YouTube