Month: March 2014

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Raccoon for Mayor

Join him as we move toward a bright and glorious future.
Join him as we move toward a bright and glorious future.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with the Reno News & Review, but they decided to run this gag piece (just ahead of April Fool’s Day?) about a rabid raccoon running for mayor.  I’m certain the piece is rife with scathing, subtle commentary on Reno’s political climate.  However I’ve never been too good at subtext and really, I just came for the raccoon related silliness.

Source: Reno News & Review


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Save the Ringtails


I didn’t know raccoons were endangered! Well, I did post about the pygmy raccoon not too long ago, but still, you don’t typically think of the raccoon as being an endangered species.  Well, I suppose it’s not the raccoon that’s in need of help, so much as members of its family, the procyonidae.  They don’t look as cute as the raccoon itself, except the ringtail proper, Actually, most alarming was learning that chinchillas–which are super adorable–are also endangered!  I don’t get why so many assholes just need to wear fur anything, and why, if that’s necessary, the producers of such products can’t just breed some for that purpose (it seems to work well enough for leather.)  It’s not exactly humane, but it makes far more sense to produce your own sustainable population than to hunt your resources into extinction.  But then who ever said the human race was logical?

And I guess I’m kind of a prick for using cuteness as the basis for wanting to help animals.

Source: Standard Examiner

Drinking In Colorado

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve relocated to the wonderful state of Colorado.  In the time since moving here I’ve made it a point of partaking of one of the booming industries here … no, not that onecraft brewing. I’ve made it a point to frequent the liquor stores and stock up on the product of breweries based out of Colorado so I could partake of them, usually while watching movies or playing video games at home. I’m sure to the tea totalers I come off as an alcoholic; I consider myself an enthusiast.  Besides, people alcoholics usually stick to the same stuff over and over whereas I go out of my way to try different  stuff.  So here’s what I’ve had so far:

2014-03-22 15.48.11 (1)

  1. Bourbon Barrel Stout (Rockyard, Castle Rock)
  2. Warrior IPA (Left Hand, Longmont)
  3. Scenic Route Kolsch (Crazy Mountain, Avon)
  4. Cherry Glider Cider (Colorado Cider Company, Denver)
  5. Mexican Chocolate Stout (Copper Kettle, Denver)
  6. Legendary Red Ale, Evolution India Pale Ale & Mad Molly’s Brown Ale (Golden City Brewery, Golden)
  7. Man Beer (Bull & Bush, Denver)

But hey, I can be classy, too! I also drank a couple of wines:

2014-03-22 15.48.37

  1. Chokecherry Wine (Colorado Cellars, Palisades)
  2. Syrah 2012 (The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver)

I’ve also had some called Banquet from some shop named Coors.  I don’t think it will catch on. 😉 

RACCOONS IN THE MEALS: Oh, Christ! (Really.)


When I was your age, a church had pancakes … for breakfast! … as a fundraiser. These days, though, they seem to be branching out into different meals … and meats.  For instance the United Methodist Church of Green Ridge, MO, whose annual Wild Game & Exotic Food Supper has gotten so big it now needs to be held on the local fair grounds, will be serving things like rocky mountain oysters, rabbit, and barbecued raccoon. I’m not against eating raccoon (but I’ve never seen it offered anywhere) but hey, at least they’ll consider it exotic, unlike those stuffy old zoos!

Source: The Kansas City Star

Hey, Astronomy Guy! I’m calling you out!

Internet Falls for Fake Neil deGrasse Tyson Quote @ Mashable
Internet Falls for Fake Neil deGrasse Tyson Quote    @ Mashable

Hey, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Yeah, you, the dude hosting the revitalization of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I’ve got a bone to pick with you! You remember how a couple of years back you gave director James Cameron (he wrote and directed Aliens, hands down the most kick ass action flick ever … also a couple of billion dollar earning blockbusters) crap for not having the correct star field in the background of one of the most emotional, and pivotal moments in his film Titanic (holy crap, they’ve updated that site? At least it’s not another Space Jam.)   So tell me, Mr. Inaccuracy-Ruins-the-Experience, why is it that in the premier episode of Cosmos, which aired last night and pulled in boffo ratings (congratulations,) we’re shown a wholly inaccurate representation of the asteroid belt?

Yeah, while you’re on your spaceship of the mind (which looks kind of like Boba Fett’s Slave I mixed with the craft from Flight of the Navigator) tooling around the solar system  you (the imaginary you) go through the belt, shown in a typically (for movies) crowded fashion, forcing the blinged out craft to weave between mountain-sized rocks (more like listing lazily to the left.)  But you know as well as I do that the asteroid belt isn’t like that! It’s actually kind of empty.  The Cassini space probe didn’t need somebody at a joystick to control maneuvering rockets for a series of high speed, nail biting turns to get it navigate through the belt.  It just passed right on through.  So why is this purportedly educational production so inaccurate, huh?  I would expect better from someone who expects better from someone who was making a stupid romance movie (Aliens is so much better than Titanic.)