Month: August 2016



The world was abuzz with admiration last week for Uni, a blonde raccoon (or cinnamon, as some people are calling him) in Taiwan.  His owner, Joyce Tai, took him to a chic place for his usual grooming and decided to adorn him with a rather unique pattern, even if it doesn’t really match the species. Still, shaving is a good way to help a furry little thing deal with the hot summer months, and Taiwan can get hot.

Source: Buzzfeed


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: A Boulder Statement

NOT the raccoon from Boulder. I just like this balloon more.

In Boulder, CO a raccoon was killed when it was hit by a car. Not a terribly rare occurrence there or anywhere. What is uncommon is somebody going up to the dead raccoon and tying a “get well soon” balloon to its leg. I guess it would brighten up the experience for the crew responsible for cleaning up roadkill.

Raccoon aficionados will recall that a similar event occurred last year in Toronto. But then people attaching “get well soon” sentiments to dead animals is sort of a thing. The Internet, as always is set to meme the world.

Source: KUSA 9 News