Month: July 2017

Raccoons in the Jails

A Raccoon in Prison

A raccoon has been spotted almost daily at Virginia Beach’s City Jail. ┬áNo, he’s not an inmate! He was a stowaway on a supply shipment from Georgia. Ever since his arrival, the little guy has been wandering the grounds and making appearances at the window of the facility’s canteen (food supply storage) daily, begging for snacks. He apparently hasn’t yet penetrated the formidable structures, but the fact that he hasn’t left indicates he’s found adequate food and water. The employees at the jail, fond of his daily visitations, have taken to calling him–rather un-creatively–“Bandit.”

There are worse places to be stuck than Virginia Beach, even if it is the jail, if you can come and go as you please.

Source: The Virginian Pilot

Raccoons in the Picnics


In case you didn’t know, and you shouldn’t, because knowing this would be weird: July is National Picnic Month! You know, that thing that sounds like a nice, wholesome activity to do with the family but is rarely worth the effort. Picnics and animals go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. The most famous combinations of the two are picnics paired with ants, and picnics paired with bears. Curse you, Yogi, you thieving scum! You’ve sullied the reputation of our national parks for the last time!

Dogs also tend to make an appearance at picnics. What’s more wholesome than a hilltop picnic while little Billy cavorts with Sergeant Pupper?

One animal that people often forget to expect with picnics is the raccoon. Cute and cuddly, these greedy little things will just walk right up and take your food, thinking it’s owed to them. Well, come on, they look so dang cute eating how could you deny giving them your food?

Take, for example, this pouncing procyon in Costa Roca who goes for someone’s bagged lunch?

Source: NDTV

Or this paddle boater in Florida who left her next meal on the front of her ride, ripe for the picking by a hungry critter.

Source: Daily Mail

Once you’ve gone through the trouble making the food, packing in, herding the family into a car and hauling them an hour or so to the most idyllic locations, don’t forget that you’re dining with nature, and you’d better have packed enough for everyone.