Month: January 2018

Raccoons in the Cellphone Stores


Knoxville, TN police were alerted to a break in a Boost Mobile store this week. When they arrived in the early morning, they were lucky to find the culprit was locked in the store. Despite having him (or her) caught in the act, no arrest was made, as the burglar was just a poopy little raccoon who had fallen in through the ceiling. After a few laughs, they waited for the store’s management to arrive and unlock the front door, at which point they managed to coax the animal out.

Source: WATE Knoxville

Raccoons in the Prohibition

Raccoon Gangster by Paul Terex

Early in 2017, footage of a liquor store break-in and vandalism case from late 2016 was released.  This event occurred at Parkway Wine & Liquor in Bristol, TN.  The perpetrators of this heinous act? Raccoons, of course! Over the course of the night, the raccoons ran amok in the store; climbing on shelves, knocking over bottles (causing about $250 in damage,) and loitering. Employees had to chase them out the next morning. Video from the event is below.

This is a good 230 miles Northwest of Raccoon Mountain in Tennessee.   Raccoon Mountain has nothing do with this story, but if something happens in Tennessee involving a raccoon then it had to be brought up. It’s where all the raccoons in that state come from. Every seven years, the raccoons embark on a pilgrimage to that place. It’s a little known zoological phenomena.

For some reason, articles about the liquor store break in didn’t get written until late 2017. It’s unknown why the raccoons did this, but I suspect they’re a bunch of teetotalers who were seeking to enforce their anti-alcohol ways on the rest of the world.

Source: LEX18 News