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I was browsing the beer selection at one of the many liquor stores near me and came across something I don’t see very often: a beer with a raccoon on its label! Of course, I was powerless to resist the need to buy it. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a raccoon beer;  there was one a couple of years ago, the Festina Peche from Dogfish Head. That beer, a seasonal, seems to feature a different artist’s work on the label every year when it’s re-released.  Gigantic Brewing Company, who made the beer I just bought, similarly used an artist’s work for their label. In this case, the image is a photo of a sculpture by Maryanna Hoggatt from Portland, OR (where Gigantic is located) is a part of a series titled Animal Battle, which depicts slightly anthropomorphized forest critters sporting improvised weapons and armor.

So how’s the beer? Beats me. I haven’t drunk it yet. I have a tradition of cooking myself a steak on Sunday nights. I’ll drink it with my dinner. From the reviews on Beer Advocate, it’s a little sweet but mostly underwhelming. So it tastes like beer. Good to know!

I need to watch something to complement the drink … I know: I’ll watch Guardians of the Galaxy! I haven’t seen that again yet this year.



A search for “raccoon” and “juke” turned up this adorable painting from the artist crystalmelsell732.

At the Juke Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, you’ll find live music, bar food, some recognition of blue music, and raccoons. A gaze of raccoons living in the woods behind the bar are known to venture onto the patio (but never indoors) to mingle with the patrons, who enjoy feeding the critters. I’ll bet they love some crawfish, it’s probably be really cute to see a raccoon tearing into one of those things. These visitors have become such a fixation that employees have begun redecorating the inside with more of a raccoon theme, and have even unofficially changed the bar’s mascot to a raccoon! I may need to swing by this place sometime.

I really want to feed a raccoon a crawfish.

Source: The Mississippi Sun Herald

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: The Good Thing About Being Nocturnal is That it’s Normal to be Up All Night

wild-woods-166The latest viral video featuring a raccoon is of a raccoon that broke into the Union Beer Distributors warehouse in Brooklyn, NY back in mid-May. The invader proceeded to do what anyone who made the effort to break into a beer wonderland would do: drink beer. A couple of workers at the facility, including Phillip Scott, saw the inebriated raccoon stumbling around the floor in a drunken stupor. After taunting it a moment, it scampered off in a less-than-gracious manner, probably protesting the accusations of having a problem (but in raccoon-ese.)

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Water for Raccoons


A super duper cute video making the rounds lately, although almost a month old, is of a baby raccoon making use of a water bowl set out to make sure a nearby raccoon family could stay healthy during the late summer.  I kind of frown on this type of thing as it makes the wild animals dependent on the help of people.  I’m sure they would have found a source of water on their own without human intervention.  But, hey, if we left them to their own devices we wouldn’t get cute raccoon videos, so I guess it all works out.

In other raccoon news, the Raccoon River was overflowing late this week due to a lot of rain.  I’m just happy to hear there’s a Raccoon River.  I’d love to see a raccoon along it.

Source: Des Moines Register


Drinking In Colorado

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve relocated to the wonderful state of Colorado.  In the time since moving here I’ve made it a point of partaking of one of the booming industries here … no, not that onecraft brewing. I’ve made it a point to frequent the liquor stores and stock up on the product of breweries based out of Colorado so I could partake of them, usually while watching movies or playing video games at home. I’m sure to the tea totalers I come off as an alcoholic; I consider myself an enthusiast.  Besides, people alcoholics usually stick to the same stuff over and over whereas I go out of my way to try different  stuff.  So here’s what I’ve had so far:

2014-03-22 15.48.11 (1)

  1. Bourbon Barrel Stout (Rockyard, Castle Rock)
  2. Warrior IPA (Left Hand, Longmont)
  3. Scenic Route Kolsch (Crazy Mountain, Avon)
  4. Cherry Glider Cider (Colorado Cider Company, Denver)
  5. Mexican Chocolate Stout (Copper Kettle, Denver)
  6. Legendary Red Ale, Evolution India Pale Ale & Mad Molly’s Brown Ale (Golden City Brewery, Golden)
  7. Man Beer (Bull & Bush, Denver)

But hey, I can be classy, too! I also drank a couple of wines:

2014-03-22 15.48.37

  1. Chokecherry Wine (Colorado Cellars, Palisades)
  2. Syrah 2012 (The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver)

I’ve also had some called Banquet from some shop named Coors.  I don’t think it will catch on. 😉