Month: May 2016



Jennifer Morgan, and her roommate, Kim Gray, of Cottonwood, CA, were awoken in the middle night on Wednesday, May 25, by the noises made by an invader in their home. Their dog gave chase and they cornered the bandit in the bathroom where they recorded him (or her, I don’t know) helplessly faffing about their shower curtain rod.They posted the video to YouTube because it’s the 21st Century and called for animal control to extricate the creature. It will likely be euthanized (this is the standard operating procedure for many such departments, as they operate under the assumption that all captured raccoons are rabid, as performing testing is too time consumer/expensive.) That’s a shame, because this is the time of year that mother raccoons give birth to their … litters? Broods? Whatever. If that was a she, then there are probable some baby raccoons starving to death because their mother was killed.

Think about that. Yeah. Depressing, isn’t it?


Source: KRCR News


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Structurally Sound

Tripod, October 2015

It’s funny how a community can rally around the oddest things. Last year, there was Toronto’s silliness around a dead raccoon on a sidewalk. It turns out the people living near the port of Seattle have their own adopted raccoon, a three-legged raccoon that’s hung out out around terminal 66 for the past seven years, affectionately named Tripod. The terminal was renovated last year by Norwegian Cruise Line. There was some concern about what would become of the terminal’s frequent visitor, who often showed up at departures to see off ships or beg for snacks. Tripod hadn’t been seen for a while after the renovations, which only affected the interior of the facility, but fear have been allayed as the critter finally turned up, and was photographed, yesterday. Tripod may be missing a limb, but raccoons are survivors … and they won’t easily move away from a steady food source!


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Shape Browser Game

Time to turn up the fabulous!

There’s a new browser-based from Filmcow, who is the person responsible for those bizarre Charlie the Unicorn animated shorts from years ago. This is a weird one, though: it’s about a raccoon spirit medium who communicates with dead … shapes … with faces. I played it and there was a conversation about the superiority of sides versus a lack of sides (circles.) It’s roughly played like a point-and-click with little the point at or click, and a lot of illusion of choices. Apparently the main character, the sharply-dressed raccoon, is suffering from depression. Many of the dialogue options are kind of smarmy.

You can play the game here.

Source: Nerd Reactor