Month: June 2015

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Mommy and Babies Makes Six

Raccoon mothers give birth to two to five babies at a time. They’re also apparently rather mortherly. Thomas Brass runs the Knolls Cam, where he posts videos recorded in the Haywood Knolls of North Carolina, recently caught this video of a mother raccoon–with two babies of her own–apparently taking responsibility for three motherless ones she stumbles across in the forest. It’s tough to tell how much is true and how much is wishful fill-in-the-gaps by Mr. Brass, given the schmaltzy musical accompaniment on the video who knows what’s true and what isn’t.  But it’s a sweet story to think on.

Source: Henderson County News


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: The Good Thing About Being Nocturnal is That it’s Normal to be Up All Night

wild-woods-166The latest viral video featuring a raccoon is of a raccoon that broke into the Union Beer Distributors warehouse in Brooklyn, NY back in mid-May. The invader proceeded to do what anyone who made the effort to break into a beer wonderland would do: drink beer. A couple of workers at the facility, including Phillip Scott, saw the inebriated raccoon stumbling around the floor in a drunken stupor. After taunting it a moment, it scampered off in a less-than-gracious manner, probably protesting the accusations of having a problem (but in raccoon-ese.)