Month: January 2017

Raccoon in the Kickstarter


Sure, call me a shill, but I’m always super psyched to learn about new things with raccoons for me to spend money on. You know, like calendars.

This week I came across a Kickstarter for a (hopefully) upcoming card game called Raccoon Madness.  It features weird, but cute, raccoon illustrations on each card. I watched the video about how the game is played but I found it baffling. A lot of card games tend to confuse me. I tried playing one once with a friend that was about warring realms. After a few rounds neither of us was sure if we were playing it correctly or if either was winning. We’d read the instructions and everything!

Getting back to Raccoon Madness, it seems to be based on the element of bluffing from poker. I never understood poker, either. I was always more of a Stratego person. I suppose people with autism might be at a disadvantage when it comes to playing this game, then. Or maybe it’d be helpful to train them to read people better?

At the very least everyone can appreciate silly raccoon pictures.

Anyway, if you’re an avid gamer, and especially a fan of crudeness of the likes of Cards Against Humanity (they’ll even have a NSFW deck,) I suggest backing it. I have. Because raccoons.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Raccoon Madness @ Kickstarter


Raccoons in the Zoos


Back in September an unnamed man went on vacation from Florida to California (too much sunshine!)  and unbeknownst to him a pregnant raccoon gave birth to a litter of babies in his van along the way. Upon arriving in Stinson Beach he found five of the six cubs alive but in critical condition (the sixth died.) He rushed them to a nearby animal hospital, where the living babies made a recovery. Unfortunately, releasing raccoons into the wild is illegal in California! Rather than them having to be put down, however, the nearby Oakland Zoo‘s veterinary hospital was willing to take them for some more long-term care while WildCare seeks either a permanent home for the animals or an opportunity to release them into the wild.

Good luck, little cuties!

Personally, I’ve never liked that zoos don’t consider raccoons “exotic” enough to have in their exhibits. They’re cute, dammit! Put ’em on display! And I’d love to find a petting zoo with raccoons. I really want to find a petting zoo with raccoons.

Source: ABC 7 KGO-TV News, San Francisco

Raccoons on the Wall


It’s 2017, and unlike every year before, I actually get to mark the days on a raccoon calendar! This year, Instagram celebrity Pumpkin the Raccoon‘s owner put out both a book and a calendar celebrating the cute little critter! Naturally I got both of them because I have a compulsion to acquire anything/everything with raccoons on them. At least this resolved a longstanding desire on my part, as–for decades now–I’ve excitedly browsed the calendar sections of bookstores or the pop-up booths at malls, even scouring the internet, hoping (desperately) to find a calendar devoted to raccoons. I mean, every year there are calendars for things as obscure/stupid as cow yoga or goats in trees, but nothing for the infinitely cuter “trash pandas.”

I suppose I could have gotten a Guardians of the Galaxy calendar. WHO ELSE IS SUPER PSYCHED FOR VOLUME 2 THIS YEAR?!

Actually, early in 2015 I learned that a calendar Raccoon Criminals: Beyond the Garbage Can had been printed … for 2011. Even though I was a few years too late, I bought one from Amazon for an exorbitantly large sum (that is to say, cover price for an out-of-date calendar) to find it consisting largely of poorly edited photos of raccoons trying to make them into scenes.  I was disappointed.

I’m not disappointed now, as this new calendar has cute photographs and is timely. Happy 2017, everyone!