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Raccoons in the Teevee

NOT a raccoon.

What with the recent announcement of a The Raccoons reboot, one would think the television market had reached saturation on raccoon-based programming. Deciding the media landscape could stand just a skosh more procyoniness, PGS Entertainment recently announced that they will be bringing a Sly Cooper television series to somewhere in 2019. Although it seems like a large commitment, at 52 episodes, they’re all of the mini-episode (11 minutes in length) variety.  This will make them ideal for consumption online.  Considering Sly Cooper games have only appeared on Sony platforms, I wouldn’t be surprised if this program ends up on Sony’s Crackle service. Oh wait, they’re looking to bail on that investment.

There is no word on how this may affect the previously announced Sly Cooper movie, however there has been no word on progress on that project for several years, so it’s presumed dead. That was being made by Rainmaker Studios, who were behind the disastrous Ratchet & Clank movie a couple of years ago.

Source: Push Square

Raccoons in the B-Horror/Christmas Movies


Filming recently began on the Ohio-based Killer Raccoons 2: Dark Christmas in the Dark. Sadly, I missed out on the opportunity to contribute to their Indigogo campaign, which I totally would’ve done if I’d learned about this sooner. I’m kind of shocked I’d never heard of the first movie, the rather unfortunately names Coons!, which was distributed by the infamous Troma Pictures back in 2005. As the title implies, this sequel will be Christmas themed (in the vein of classics such as Die Hard and Lethal Weapon,) with a planned release in December 2018. The director, Travis Irvine (who also did the first movie,)  has returned to film production after a decade-plus of politics. He uses real dead raccoons for filming. Not them fancy taxidermied kind, either, but frozen (and thawed, then re-frozen) animal cadavers obtained from pest control organizations. That’s got to leave the sets smelling rather gamey after a day of shooting!

Well, best of luck and I look forward to enjoying this little slice of hell next year. I know what I’ll be stuffing stockings with!

Source: Columbus Alive

Raccoons in the Rides


A week ago the Disnleyland park (specifically Disney California Adventures) in Anaheim, CA introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout last week. The attraction replaced the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride which had been in that park since 2004 (and was a duplicate of the ride which opening in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida back in 1994.)  Making use of the functions of the old structure, the ride retains the rapid up-down movement of its old incarnation with a fresh coat of Guardians of the Galaxy (specifically the movie incarnation) paint.

The most important thing is that it stars Rocket Raccoon! You see, the scenario for the ride is that Taneleer Tivan a.k.a., The Collector (played by an Benicio Del Toro in the first Guardians movie, but by some stand-in during the video segments of the ride) has captured the Guardians of the Galaxy and is displaying them in his collection. As the audience is given a tour of his facility, Rocket escapes and hijacks their ride to get his friends free. The even better part is rather than going cheap and just having Bradley Cooper provide some voiceover and have the furry menace appear on screen occasionally, they’ve actually produced an animatronic Rocket that runs around and talks to the audience.

As per usual, Disney also put a lot of effort into the dressings for the ride, with the queue being a winding tour of the Collector’s Collection, displaying iconic relics from the Marvel Universe. It’s apparently a Marvel Fanboy’s dream come true. Too bad I don’t get to California very often. There are currently no plans to replace Tower of Terror in Florida with the Guardians ride, either.

Source: Variety

Someone Else’s Raccoons in the Movies


Cool beans! Someone over at Penn Live decided to write an article about Raccoons in the Movies. Sadly, most of the entries, including Dr. Doolittle 2, The Nut Job, Over the Hedge, and Furry Vengeance are kind of mediocre. Their cameos in The Great Outdoors and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle were much more enjoyable. You know, for all my love of the cute little critters, I wasn’t aware there was a film adaptation of Sterling North’s Rascal. I’ve never read that book. I’ll need to add it to my massive backlog, which is slowly becoming all digital.

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Rocketing to Space!


The annual San Diego Comic Convention is going on right now so there’s all kinds of nerdy news breaking. One thing caught my attention: the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, James Gunn, tweeted that NASA’s Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS,) who is responsible for managing operations of the International Space Station (ISS) would feature Rocket Raccoon and Groot on an upcoming mission patch! the patch will represent all payloads going to the ISS. A part of CASIS’s mission involves public outreach, and previous patches have been designed by celebrities such as Seth Green and artist Shepard Fairey to further that goal.

Source: Gizmodo