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Raccoons in the Teevee

NOT a raccoon.

What with the recent announcement of a The Raccoons reboot, one would think the television market had reached saturation on raccoon-based programming. Deciding the media landscape could stand just a skosh more procyoniness, PGS Entertainment recently announced that they will be bringing a Sly Cooper television series to somewhere in 2019. Although it seems like a large commitment, at 52 episodes, they’re all of the mini-episode (11 minutes in length) variety.  This will make them ideal for consumption online.  Considering Sly Cooper games have only appeared on Sony platforms, I wouldn’t be surprised if this program ends up on Sony’s Crackle service. Oh wait, they’re looking to bail on that investment.

There is no word on how this may affect the previously announced Sly Cooper movie, however there has been no word on progress on that project for several years, so it’s presumed dead. That was being made by Rainmaker Studios, who were behind the disastrous Ratchet & Clank movie a couple of years ago.

Source: Push Square

Raccoons Reboot


The “classic” animated series about raccoons, imaginatively titled The Raccoons, from the mid-80’s to the early 90’s is–like many, MANY things these days–getting a reboot. First hinted at years ago, there’s now been a formal announcement of an animated holiday special scheduled for 2019.  Interestingly, this echoes the premier of the original series which also began with a holiday special, “The Christmas Raccoons.”  I tried re-watching it a couple of years back and found it to be deathly  boring.  Here’s hoping this new version will up the comedy and/or action and not by mimicking the “it’s random so it’s funny” style of modern programs like The Regular Show or Rick & Morty. But hey, it stars raccoons so I’ll have to give it a shot at least once.

Check out the program’s listing on animation studio Big Jump‘s website.

Here is a teaser/test animation for the reboot which is pretty much the original show’s opening re-animated in the new style.

Considering the original series already had a theme of conservation in place, I can see it easily fitting in with modern sensibilities and emphasizing an environmental message. I almost want to place a bet on how long before global warming gets mentioned in this reboot.

Source: Indie 88 – There’s a Reboot of the Raccoons in the Works


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Rapping at my Chamber Door

What knockers!
What knockers!

One raccoon in Sarasota, Florida, wasn’t satisfied with merely stealing Susie Chinn‘s cats’ food. Nope, after using the ill-gotten goods to feeds her babies, the mother raccoon, affectionately (but unoriginally) dubbed “Rocksy,” tried to get Susie’s attention, presumably to ask for more food. Rocksy does this by knocking on Susie’s glass door on the rear deck. Rocksy makes sure she can be heard by holding a small rock in her hand which she rolls against the glass.

It’s cute, but also terrifying. It means they’re using tools. And predicting behavior.

Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.

Source: Inside Edition

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Rocket Raccoon Gets the Shaft

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Animated-Series-Full-PosterThere’s a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series set to premiere on Disney XD, which I think is Disney‘s channel geared more towards tweens.  The first that was seen of this show was months ago when the series was announced–along with an animation test which featured Rocket Raccoon–at the New York Comic Convention. More recently it’s been announced that voice actor Trevor Devall will voice Rocket in this upcoming series.  He also did Rocket Raccoon’s voice acting during the character’s appearances in the Avenger’s Assemble series (which had such a painfully cheesy theme song.)  However, I have one major problem with this news: it’s announcement video (see below.)

Did you hear that at the end?  He said he’s happy to be voice of the most “lovable and heavily armed rodent in all of the Marvel universe.”



I will have you know, sir, that raccoons are members of the order Carnivora, which includes canines, felines and bears.  Rodents are a different order of mammals altogether.  While Rocket Raccoon is referred to as “rodent” in the movie, it’s by characters who are ignorant of his place in the animal kingdom or are being insulting to him.

If I were a lesser person, I would demand his head on a pike for this outrage.  Instead, I merely ask that he be stripped be fired from this job and made to walk the streets for a little while, holding a sign that says “Raccoons are not rodents.”

As if that weren’t enough, however, comes the news that the Rocket Raccoon solo comic book series is being “temporarily” cancelled and replaced by a Groot series while the crossover event Secret Wars (what year is this?) at Marvel.

It’s a tough day to be a Rocket Raccoon fan.

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I don't know. Three dudes riding around in a van.  People might talk.
I don’t know. Three dudes riding around in a van. People might talk.

It’ll be a busy few years for raccoons in the movies.  Between The Nut JobGuardians of the Galaxy this year and the recently announced Sly Cooper movie adaptation to be released to theaters in 2016, this is most big screen raccoons I’ve seen since, well, ever.  I mean what came before? There was Furry Vengeance in 2010 (which starred Brendan Fraser, who also voiced a character in the Nut Job) and before that, Over the Hedge in 2006. So three movies in a two year span sounds pretty awesome for raccoon aficionados.  Some people voiced outrage at the change in art style presented in the movie.  I’m fine with it.  A benefit of the cel shading style used in the games is that it’s easier and cheaper to produce (due to a lower emphasis on the textures and detail in character modeling.)  For a big-budget movie it would look kind of, well, cheap. Although I’m really looking forward to the ouroboros-like, and inevitable, game based on the movie based on the game.

Source: Sly Cooper Animated Film Revealed @ PlayStation Blog