Month: July 2016

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Rocketing to Space!


The annual San Diego Comic Convention is going on right now so there’s all kinds of nerdy news breaking. One thing caught my attention: the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, James Gunn, tweeted that NASA’s Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS,) who is responsible for managing operations of the International Space Station (ISS) would feature Rocket Raccoon and Groot on an upcoming mission patch! the patch will represent all payloads going to the ISS. A part of CASIS’s mission involves public outreach, and previous patches have been designed by celebrities such as Seth Green and artist Shepard Fairey to further that goal.

Source: Gizmodo



I was browsing the beer selection at one of the many liquor stores near me and came across something I don’t see very often: a beer with a raccoon on its label! Of course, I was powerless to resist the need to buy it. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a raccoon beer;  there was one a couple of years ago, the Festina Peche from Dogfish Head. That beer, a seasonal, seems to feature a different artist’s work on the label every year when it’s re-released.  Gigantic Brewing Company, who made the beer I just bought, similarly used an artist’s work for their label. In this case, the image is a photo of a sculpture by Maryanna Hoggatt from Portland, OR (where Gigantic is located) is a part of a series titled Animal Battle, which depicts slightly anthropomorphized forest critters sporting improvised weapons and armor.

So how’s the beer? Beats me. I haven’t drunk it yet. I have a tradition of cooking myself a steak on Sunday nights. I’ll drink it with my dinner. From the reviews on Beer Advocate, it’s a little sweet but mostly underwhelming. So it tastes like beer. Good to know!

I need to watch something to complement the drink … I know: I’ll watch Guardians of the Galaxy! I haven’t seen that again yet this year.