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Raccoons Reboot


The “classic” animated series about raccoons, imaginatively titled The Raccoons, from the mid-80’s to the early 90’s is–like many, MANY things these days–getting a reboot. First hinted at years ago, there’s now been a formal announcement of an animated holiday special scheduled for 2019.  Interestingly, this echoes the premier of the original series which also began with a holiday special, “The Christmas Raccoons.”  I tried re-watching it a couple of years back and found it to be deathly  boring.  Here’s hoping this new version will up the comedy and/or action and not by mimicking the “it’s random so it’s funny” style of modern programs like The Regular Show or Rick & Morty. But hey, it stars raccoons so I’ll have to give it a shot at least once.

Check out the program’s listing on animation studio Big Jump‘s website.

Here is a teaser/test animation for the reboot which is pretty much the original show’s opening re-animated in the new style.

Considering the original series already had a theme of conservation in place, I can see it easily fitting in with modern sensibilities and emphasizing an environmental message. I almost want to place a bet on how long before global warming gets mentioned in this reboot.

Source: Indie 88 – There’s a Reboot of the Raccoons in the Works


Raccoons in the Prohibition

Raccoon Gangster by Paul Terex

Early in 2017, footage of a liquor store break-in and vandalism case from late 2016 was released.  This event occurred at Parkway Wine & Liquor in Bristol, TN.  The perpetrators of this heinous act? Raccoons, of course! Over the course of the night, the raccoons ran amok in the store; climbing on shelves, knocking over bottles (causing about $250 in damage,) and loitering. Employees had to chase them out the next morning. Video from the event is below.

This is a good 230 miles Northwest of Raccoon Mountain in Tennessee.   Raccoon Mountain has nothing do with this story, but if something happens in Tennessee involving a raccoon then it had to be brought up. It’s where all the raccoons in that state come from. Every seven years, the raccoons embark on a pilgrimage to that place. It’s a little known zoological phenomena.

For some reason, articles about the liquor store break in didn’t get written until late 2017. It’s unknown why the raccoons did this, but I suspect they’re a bunch of teetotalers who were seeking to enforce their anti-alcohol ways on the rest of the world.

Source: LEX18 News

A Tale Eternally Retold


I railed against the boycott of Chick-Fil-A and Ender’s Game so I guess going into a lot of detail about the recent kerfuffle will seem a little redundant.

I’ll do it anyway. People are rarely smart enough to learn a lesson the first time it’s taught, and just as the same ridiculous scenario plays itself out repeatedly I will have to contribute my part to the cycle to hopefully enlighten those engaged.

In summary: Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript & co-founder of Mozilla who was recently promoted to CEO, had to almost immediately resign from the company amidst protest from customers over a donation he made to Proposition 8 back in 2008, which was the extent of any anti-gay sentiments he’s ever exhibited (in all the material I’ve read on the subject, I haven’t even seen an anecdote about him being anti-gay.)

There are plenty of things wrong with this story:

  1. The inherent hypocrisy of sites based on JavaScript, which I remind you was created by Eich, while boycotting the Firefox browser because he was the CEO of Mozilla.  Why wasn’t JavaScript also horribly tainted by him?  Oh, because boycotting JavaScript would have been too difficult, and political action is all about convenience.
  2. At least similar boycotts (the previously mentioned Chick-Fil-A and Orson Scott Card ones) were based on the currently stated beliefs of those targeted. As I mentioned earlier, aside from the donation to Proposition 8, six years ago, Eich hadn’t done anything else to indicate he was anti-gay. So is this a zero-tolerance matter?  Also, is there a stature of limitations?  Should we question people if they ever used “faggot” in a derogatory sense to assess whether they’re fit to be a part of society (or earn a living)?  That might exclude a big part of the population, if my experience growing up in the 80’s and 90’s was any indication. Hell, should the movie Monster Squad be purged from all media?
  3. One unanswered question is whether he’s donated to other organizations.  Would that have mattered?  The fact that several other Mozilla employees donated significantly more to support gay marriage didn’t spare the company from the wrath of boycott.  Can one ever repent to the satisfaction of the gay rights community or is there no hope for you once you’ve transgressed them?
  4. I wonder if anybody who supported the boycott has heard of McCarthyism and the related practice of blacklisting.
  5. A particularly ignorant comment related to all this was: “My internet browser should not have a political agenda.” This person probably meant “My internet browser should not have a political agenda other than my own.”  Because Google has certainly made their agenda clear, which would exclude their Chrome browser and especially their search engineMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer is also excluded.  Besides which, at what point can one draw the distinction between the CEO of a company and the political agenda of it, let alone all of its products?  I suppose the taint can go all the way down, as Chick-Fil-A’s product was turned into the poultry of pure hate by its CEO’s views.

I think Big Gay Al said it best in the episode of South Park titled “Cripple Fight“:

It’s up to us to persuade, and help them see the light, not extort them to.

RACCOON (OWNERS) IN THE NEWS: Brown for Governor

Political Graffiti in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Source: Poole

I recently told you all about a redneck known for dancing with his raccoon, which was taken away from him by a cold, unfeeling world. Well, Mark Brown, the human in the pair, has decided to fight back by aiming all the way for the top; he’s running for governor of Tennessee. It seems like kind of a single-issue candidate, seeing as the only political matter he has a voice on is making it a little less stringent to have a wild animal as a pet in that state.  Still, you can’t argue with his campaign slogan: “This is all about the raccoon.”

Sadly, while that would be compelling to me, it doesn’t seem like the makings of a winning campaign. Good luck in the primaries, though!

Source: The Tennessean