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Zoom In and Enhance!


The big raccoon news this week was a gaze of raccoons photo bombing a couple as they took their wedding pictures in San Francisco.  The photographer, Kathryn White, originally posted about the unique experience on Instagram.  The story went viral from there.  Unfortunately, her interviews about the auspicious event presented the usual misinformation about raccoons; namely that they’re strictly nocturnal and so seeing them during the day means there unwell and likely to be hostile.  Neither of these are true, especially this time of year as mothers are taking their cuddly little broods out to teach them the basics of being a raccoon.  But it’s good to see that the newlywed couple took the animal appearance as a blessing, mother nature’s way of showing her approval of their marriage.

Source: Bestlife

The Perfect Raccoon Photo

“Lucky Break” by Jason Bantle

Well, perfect for this particular photographer, Jason Bantle.  A nature photographer, this fellow from Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada) has been watching a mother raccoon raise litters in an abandoned Ford Pinto in the woods for several years.  Hoping to get just the right shot of her, he’s stationed himself during the brood rearing seasons at this Pinto.  He finally hit the jackpot and snapped this photo of her poking her head through a crack in the windshield.  It kind of gives the impression of action raccoon about to spring into combat.  Maybe she should have an exclamation point over her head.  Or laser eyes.

Well, video game memes aside, the photo was considered good (nay, excellent) enough to be included in the United Kingdom’s Natural History Museum’s annual wildlife photography exhibit.  Good for him! I can appreciate that obsession to get something done just right, and I’m glad to see it pay off for this photographer.  Especially with such a cute and cuddly subject!

Source: Canadian Broadcast Corporation

Raccoons on the Wall


It’s 2017, and unlike every year before, I actually get to mark the days on a raccoon calendar! This year, Instagram celebrity Pumpkin the Raccoon‘s owner put out both a book and a calendar celebrating the cute little critter! Naturally I got both of them because I have a compulsion to acquire anything/everything with raccoons on them. At least this resolved a longstanding desire on my part, as–for decades now–I’ve excitedly browsed the calendar sections of bookstores or the pop-up booths at malls, even scouring the internet, hoping (desperately) to find a calendar devoted to raccoons. I mean, every year there are calendars for things as obscure/stupid as cow yoga or goats in trees, but nothing for the infinitely cuter “trash pandas.”

I suppose I could have gotten a Guardians of the Galaxy calendar. WHO ELSE IS SUPER PSYCHED FOR VOLUME 2 THIS YEAR?!

Actually, early in 2015 I learned that a calendar Raccoon Criminals: Beyond the Garbage Can had been printed … for 2011. Even though I was a few years too late, I bought one from Amazon for an exorbitantly large sum (that is to say, cover price for an out-of-date calendar) to find it consisting largely of poorly edited photos of raccoons trying to make them into scenes.  I was disappointed.

I’m not disappointed now, as this new calendar has cute photographs and is timely. Happy 2017, everyone!



Photographs by Anya Schiffrin
Photographs by Anya Schiffrin

Not to be outdone by the pizza rat from not-too-long-ago (which has not only inspired a Halloween costume, but a sexy one at that!) raccoons have decided to show New Yorkers that they, too, can enjoy the fine cuisine the city has to offer. Only raccoons do it better, because while the rat ultimately abandoned its food the raccoon succeeded in securing it. This took place in Central Park, where Anya Schiffrin managed to snap a couple of quick photos as she watched it snatch up the slice from a garbage can, scurry up a tree and scarf down the meal.

Source: The New York Post


So apparently some piece of shit college football player named Jack Gangwish decided to abduct a raccoon from the side of the road and try to get a selfie with it.  The animal, fearing for its safety, bit him in self-defense.  His response was to attempt to capture the raccoon to get it tested for rabies.  Instead of merely bludgeoning it into unconsciousness with his crescent wrench, however, he killed it.  Knowing how stupid football players tend to be, I imagine he was compelled to do this idiotic act based on the recent commercial featuring Marshawn Lynch and a random raccoon pet.

Here’s hoping the knocks that Jack Gangwish takes while playing football cause his brain to turn to mush sooner rather than later.

Source: C|Net