Month: December 2016



Art by Jacquelin Vanderwood

I’ve been negligent in my blog posting for a couple of months, now. Let’s fix that with a roundup of sad, sad raccoons in the news stories.

Blind Raccoon Who Lost Her Own Babies Became Everyone Else’s Mother

When a pregnant raccoon was brought to a New York City veterinarian four years ago, the outlook couldn’t have been more dim. The raccoon was blind. She had been poisoned.

Her babies were born at that clinic. They drank their mother’s milk and soon died from the poison that ran through it.

Baby Pig Helps Paralyzed Raccoon Find His Way Around The House

The most important thing Albert and Gilbert did for Chance was show him he’s really not so different.

“Those pigs seek out the raccoon in whatever room he is in,” Edwards says. “Both drag [their legs] beside him like he does.

Keila Edwards

“It’s like they’re showing him they can do the same as him and get down to his level,” she adds. “I never dreamed these pigs would do so well with the raccoon, but they have.”

And Chance returns the favor, obsessively grooming the piglets from head to hoof.

Baby Raccoon Who Lost Her Mom Clings To Her Stuffed Animal

The baby raccoon was given multiple stuffed animals to snuggle up to in place of her mother, and she loves clinging onto them as she sleeps. She even has a raccoon stuffed animal that resembles the mother she lost.


Heartbroken Raccoon Vigorously Tries to Wake Dead Friend

So … merry Christmas? ¬†Happy new year? Try not to dwell on all the sad, cute animals out there while you knock back your spiked nog this holiday season.