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Raccoons in the Teevee

NOT a raccoon.

What with the recent announcement of a The Raccoons reboot, one would think the television market had reached saturation on raccoon-based programming. Deciding the media landscape could stand just a skosh more procyoniness, PGS Entertainment recently announced that they will be bringing a Sly Cooper television series to somewhere in 2019. Although it seems like a large commitment, at 52 episodes, they’re all of the mini-episode (11 minutes in length) variety.  This will make them ideal for consumption online.  Considering Sly Cooper games have only appeared on Sony platforms, I wouldn’t be surprised if this program ends up on Sony’s Crackle service. Oh wait, they’re looking to bail on that investment.

There is no word on how this may affect the previously announced Sly Cooper movie, however there has been no word on progress on that project for several years, so it’s presumed dead. That was being made by Rainmaker Studios, who were behind the disastrous Ratchet & Clank movie a couple of years ago.

Source: Push Square

Raccoons on the Railroads


I was positively giddy when I discovered the Kickstarter campaign for the board game Raccoon Tycoon.  I mean, of course, the name implies all kinds of adorable wheeling and dealing, but the art is absolutely delightful and, even better, the rundown of the game play isn’t particularly complex. A lot of these board games just seem so difficult to understand to anyone who isn’t well versed in the standards of “Eurogames.” Of course I’ve already backed this one; at the very least I’ll have some high-quality card art to admire. But who knows, I may even be able to pull together a small group on occasion to give the game a whirl.

But I will insist on playing as the raccoon!

For a run down on the game, see the below video.

Source: Kickstarter Tabletop Alert – Raccoon Tycoon

Donut Miss this Game!


Late last week, Annapurna Interactive (makers of exactly zero games I’ve played), officially announced the game Donut County. You can see the reveal trailer for it below.

The game is a “physics puzzler,” which generally means freeform stoner time waster, the likes of Namco’s infamous Katamari Damacy games (this game even employs a similar art style.) In contrast to those games, where you need to attach things to your ball to progress, this one is based on dropping objects into a hole to grow it.

Of course, what got my attention was the focus on a raccoon as the unofficial mascot of the game. At the start of the video we get a glimpse of a raccoon hovering about with some drone-like attachments, there’s the raccoon narrator, and a raccoon on a scooter was even featured in a demo of the game back in 2015!

I’m looking forward to this title, if only because every now and then I enjoy zoning out and playing a game mindlessly. Usually this involves old school shmups, but since I live in Colorado I figure I should get more into pothead fare.



Raccoon in the Kickstarter


Sure, call me a shill, but I’m always super psyched to learn about new things with raccoons for me to spend money on. You know, like calendars.

This week I came across a Kickstarter for a (hopefully) upcoming card game called Raccoon Madness.  It features weird, but cute, raccoon illustrations on each card. I watched the video about how the game is played but I found it baffling. A lot of card games tend to confuse me. I tried playing one once with a friend that was about warring realms. After a few rounds neither of us was sure if we were playing it correctly or if either was winning. We’d read the instructions and everything!

Getting back to Raccoon Madness, it seems to be based on the element of bluffing from poker. I never understood poker, either. I was always more of a Stratego person. I suppose people with autism might be at a disadvantage when it comes to playing this game, then. Or maybe it’d be helpful to train them to read people better?

At the very least everyone can appreciate silly raccoon pictures.

Anyway, if you’re an avid gamer, and especially a fan of crudeness of the likes of Cards Against Humanity (they’ll even have a NSFW deck,) I suggest backing it. I have. Because raccoons.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Raccoon Madness @ Kickstarter


RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Shape Browser Game

Time to turn up the fabulous!

There’s a new browser-based from Filmcow, who is the person responsible for those bizarre Charlie the Unicorn animated shorts from years ago. This is a weird one, though: it’s about a raccoon spirit medium who communicates with dead … shapes … with faces. I played it and there was a conversation about the superiority of sides versus a lack of sides (circles.) It’s roughly played like a point-and-click with little the point at or click, and a lot of illusion of choices. Apparently the main character, the sharply-dressed raccoon, is suffering from depression. Many of the dialogue options are kind of smarmy.

You can play the game here.

Source: Nerd Reactor