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I’ve been negligent in my blog posting for a couple of months, now. Let’s fix that with a roundup of sad, sad raccoons in the news stories.

Blind Raccoon Who Lost Her Own Babies Became Everyone Else’s Mother

When a pregnant raccoon was brought to a New York City veterinarian four years ago, the outlook couldn’t have been more dim. The raccoon was blind. She had been poisoned.

Her babies were born at that clinic. They drank their mother’s milk and soon died from the poison that ran through it.

Baby Pig Helps Paralyzed Raccoon Find His Way Around The House

The most important thing Albert and Gilbert did for Chance was show him he’s really not so different.

“Those pigs seek out the raccoon in whatever room he is in,” Edwards says. “Both drag [their legs] beside him like he does.

Keila Edwards

“It’s like they’re showing him they can do the same as him and get down to his level,” she adds. “I never dreamed these pigs would do so well with the raccoon, but they have.”

And Chance returns the favor, obsessively grooming the piglets from head to hoof.

Baby Raccoon Who Lost Her Mom Clings To Her Stuffed Animal

The baby raccoon was given multiple stuffed animals to snuggle up to in place of her mother, and she loves clinging onto them as she sleeps. She even has a raccoon stuffed animal that resembles the mother she lost.


Heartbroken Raccoon Vigorously Tries to Wake Dead Friend

So … merry Christmas?  Happy new year? Try not to dwell on all the sad, cute animals out there while you knock back your spiked nog this holiday season.



There’s been a lot about raccoons and food in the news, lately. Which is fine by me!

First, YouTube user Peter Jansen late last year this raccoon was spotted making a Mission Impossible-like heist of a donut from a shop in the greater Toronto area.

Then, Twitter user Ryan Nelson recently tweeted a Vine video (now deleted, but you can see a copy of it from Youtube below) of a raccoon putting what would have been a tasty, delicious hunk of cotton candy (which is called “candy floss” in certain backwards parts of the world) into the water (as raccoons are prone to do) only to have it vanish into the pool.

This lead to all sorts of mental masturbation about metaphors for life and futility and whatnot. Also people felt sorry for the poor little guy. That’s only because they didn’t look into the matter further. For, you see, this was only a clip from a longer segment of a Japanese television show. In the full footage, we learn that the raccoon tried wetting the cotton candy blocks twice before eating it directly on the third attempt.

So there’s you metaphor for you. Try and try but don’t forget to try it different ways. I feel sorry for the people who just saw the initial attempt and left it at the depressing ending!

And most recently a pair of chubby little raccoons recently invaded a Chinese restaurant in the Bronx (by strolling in through the front door.) A diligent employee had to fight them off with a broom before they got into the kitchen.


My Music of 2015

Something not in this post? Rock music.

I don’t like to talk about music with people. This is due to several traumatic experiences which showed me that people are incredibly judgmental about others’ taste in music and that, for the most part, you shouldn’t discuss music unless you are very actively maintaining the right balance of liking what’s popular and what’s obscure (but still popular.)

I’m not popular or cutting edge. I’m definitely not deep.

Here’s what I liked this year. And remember, it’s not necessarily what came out this year, just music that I discovered for myself or, in some cases, found a new appreciation for.

Did you see It Follows? It’s a pretty pretty great indie horror movie featuring a neat synth soundtrack by Disasterpiece. Then there was The Guest, a really awesome slasher flick that came out last year that had some very 80’s tracks in it. I grew up playing video games (in the 80’s), so synth music is a part of my existence. On the good side, those retro sounds are seeing something of a comeback these days, both in movies (did you get a load of Kung Fury or the infinitely superior Turbo Kid?) so there’s a bit to choose from. Here’s my first batch of picks:

Of course, I also like to keep up with artists I’ve previously enjoyed. Sadly, I don’t do a very good job of that. I turns out a few released albums recently-ish and nobody told me. It amazes me that iTunes doesn’t have a built-in feature to e-mail me when an artist who I’ve bought two or more albums from releases a new one.

And then there are the random things I come across. I like the Sound Opinions program on NPR, one of the few NPR productions I can tolerate, actually. And they occasionally bring up songs that strike my fancy, even if they’re not my usual taste. Some of this harks back to one of the best selling albums of 2014, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Every now and then I decide to delve into my meager music collection (a mere 64GB) and rediscover music I’ve previously listened to. This year, the Heathers album Kingdom caught my attention. This one is a little personal. The band was recommended to me by a former friend who was kind of a music snob. He much preferred their first album, Here, Not There, which was much less produced and hence more “real.”I’m sure I heard both of the albums back then, filed them away, and then never gave them another thought until this year. Having re-listened, I can see where that friend was coming from. The first album can very bluntly be described as “two girls and a guitar.” Their singing on that one can be … discordant. But on Kingdom? I don’t care if it’s not “real.” I’d rather listen to these tracks any day.

Based on my listening to Heathers, Apple music (I took advantage of the trial period and concluded that it sucks) suggested another band, and I actually can’t disagree with the choice! I’d never heard of HamsandwicH, but they have some really great songs, some with a slightly 60’s vibe to them. Unfortunately, they maintain my awful tradition of listening to European music. I’m an American, dammit!

I need to bring things back to video games, though. They’ve evolved considerably from the beeps and boops of yesteryear. And they have an amazing ability to elevate the gaming experience with their orchestration.

  • Apotheosis” by Austin Wintory for Journey (I talk shit about this game all the time, but this really is a transcendent moment in gaming)
  • Douse Sunundakara” by Kohei Tanaka for Gravity Daze

Other reading:

RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Mommy and Babies Makes Six

Raccoon mothers give birth to two to five babies at a time. They’re also apparently rather mortherly. Thomas Brass runs the Knolls Cam, where he posts videos recorded in the Haywood Knolls of North Carolina, recently caught this video of a mother raccoon–with two babies of her own–apparently taking responsibility for three motherless ones she stumbles across in the forest. It’s tough to tell how much is true and how much is wishful fill-in-the-gaps by Mr. Brass, given the schmaltzy musical accompaniment on the video who knows what’s true and what isn’t.  But it’s a sweet story to think on.

Source: Henderson County News