Raccoons Making Daring Escapes

That raccoon probably wishes he had raccoon Mario’s flying ability.

This week, in New Brunswick, NJ, a house was on fire. Once all of the human residents made it out quickly and safely, the media put their attention on a raccoon squatter who was caught up in the conflagration (that word might be a bit of an exaggeration.) From an elevated position, the critter was seen on the rooftops running for safety until it finally made a desperate leap to lower ground. Sadly, it miscalculated and its rear clipped the edge of the gutter, causing the animal to start spinning mid-air (that’s a good trick!) to the next lowest level. Then, shaking off the potential disaster as though it meant to do that, the raccoon wandered off to safety.

Check the source for video of the event.

Source: WTHR News

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