Raccoons in the Venues

Raccoon jug from Joyce’s Creative Country

If you live in Davenport, IA then you recently got a new place to go to listen to chill bands and drink. The Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, that’s all one place, apparently, opened on March 30. In an interview with one of the owners, Sean Moeller, who also owns the music studio Daytrotter,  he explained his desire to open up a (presumably) hip, new (yet familiar and lacking pretension) venue was because his home was in Davenport and he’d like to attract some shows. Sounds good to me! I’m tired of the big cities always getting all the acts. It’s even worse when some bands are convinced that anything other than the coasts is purely “flyover country.” Sadly, he didn’t explain the name of the place. I was hoping for some interesting anecdote. Still, I’d be compelled to go to a place named “Raccoon Motel,” although I’d be a little disappointed if there weren’t a bunch of raccoons lounging about on vacation. I’d need a shot of whiskey to recover.

Source: WQAD8


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