Raccoons in the Boudoir

I’m sure that if HE went topless in this photo, nobody would’ve complained.

Russians seem to like raccoons. I’ve seen several videos of raccoons where the people involved are speaking Russian. In fact, I follow the Instagram account of a young woman who has a pet raccoon.  He’s cute and ornery; half the videos she posts are her lovingly petting the animal and him looking like he’s about to bite her hand. Note that raccoons are not native to that part of the world, but they’re adaptable little critters so I’m sure they could thrive there anyway.

But that’s neither here nor there. Sometime last year, a Russian advertising agency, Art-Msk, was preparing for a photo shoot to promote a brand of lingerie. At some point in planning this campaign somebody’s brain broke and they said: “Hey, do you know what sells women’s underwear, comrade? Raccoons!” So they lined up a model and then went to a petting zoo, a place whose name translates to “Animals are not Toys,” to rent a raccoon named Tomas for a little while.

During that time, Tomas posed with the model, stole her bra, and was generally cute … or a nuisance, according to representatives of Art-Msk, who insisted Tomas was unmanageable and not at all what they were looking for.

According to the zookeepers, he was traumatized by the experience and became reluctant to co-habitate in the zoo and developed an interest in human females’ breasts. Welcome to the club, buddy!

There’s now lawsuits being pitched back and forth, with the zoo saying that using an animal in nude photography is obscene and is asking to suppress the photos while the marketing company is saying their outrage is simply an attempt to get publicity for the zoo.

Source: RT News


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