RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Structurally Sound

Tripod, October 2015

It’s funny how a community can rally around the oddest things. Last year, there was Toronto’s silliness around a dead raccoon on a sidewalk. It turns out the people living near the port of Seattle have their own adopted raccoon, a three-legged raccoon that’s hung out out around terminal 66 for the past seven years, affectionately named Tripod. The terminal was renovated last year by Norwegian Cruise Line. There was some concern about what would become of the terminal’s frequent visitor, who often showed up at departures to see off ships or beg for snacks. Tripod hadn’t been seen for a while after the renovations, which only affected the interior of the facility, but fear have been allayed as the critter finally turned up, and was photographed, yesterday. Tripod may be missing a limb, but raccoons are survivors … and they won’t easily move away from a steady food source!



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