Image from The Laughing Raccoon

The holiday crass comedy The Night Before, from writer/director Jonathan Levine–who also did Warm Bodies (which I’ve yet to see, even though I keep meaning to) and 50/50 (which also starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen)–came out this week. Doing the usual press junket were the stars of the film, including actor Anthony Mackie (I forgot he was in Real Steel.) During a round table with most of the cast for Entertainment Tonight, Mr. Mackie talked about how he knows a place in his native New Orleans that will stuff a turkey with all kinds of other meat, including raccoon. While his fellow actors responded with a mixture of curiosity and a little revulsion, he went on to express that raccoon makes for some tasty meat, but that he doesn’t get to enjoy it too often.

So hey, if you’re looking for to add a little variety to your meal this Thanksgiving, consider some more exotic … yet entirely domestic … meats. Toss in a little raccoon of squirrel. It’ll certainly be more interesting than something with the Butterball label slapped on it.

Source: Entertainment Tonight Online


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