Back in late-October this year there was a football game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles (spoiler warning: the Eagles won by 20 points.) One intrepid sports fan–of the non-human variety–attempted to hide in the stadium, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, until game time. Of course, businesses tend to look down on someone getting into a game without paying for a ticket so the little guy was rounded up and taken somewhere prior to kick off. At least somebody was able to get a picture of the raccoon as he was taken away. If only reporters did their job and followed up on whether any animal cruelty occurred.

Of course, knowing that Philly is a terrible place filled with terrible people I have to assume only the worst happened to the furry little guy. That’ll learn him!

The Washington Post had a good take on the news, pointing out that raccoons tend to show up in relation to New York sports teams and rounded up a collection of incidents involving wild animals and sports events.

SOURCE: NJ.com True Jersey


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