RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Shopping Goes to the Animals

Scooter-riding-raccoon-caught-on-camera-at-British-shopping-centerYou can see all kinds of madness at malls these days. Or so I hear. I haven’t been to a mall in ages. Why go to a mall when you can buy stuff online? Besides, I’m not exactly the most ideally shaped person in the world so there’s almost never anything in my size on the racks anyway. And if you’re not talking clothes shopping, then what? Go to Gamestop to buy a video game, as if their prices are ever competitive?

And then there are the parking lots, which on weekends can best be described as nightmare to navigate with witless pedestrians wandering around and making things unnecessarily perilous.

Now, if I was likely to see an adorable little raccoon tooling around on a scooter while at a mall, I’d be way more inclined! Sadly, this seems to be a sight only reported in merry ol’ England. In a shopping center in Turnbridge (Tonbridge?) Twitter user Bobby Bewl spotted this little girl going about on her brightly colored vehicle and, as per usual these days, tweeted a video of it. It turns out the scooting cutie is actually Melanie Raccoon who has been training up for this kind of performance.



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