RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Humanity Amidst War

dead-raccoon-memorial-shrine-mourning-deadraccoonto-toronto-8The Canadian city of Toronto, Raccoon Capital of the World (which is a heck of a lot better than being Raccoon City,) has declared war on raccoons. However, as seen during the Christmas Truce of World War I, not all wars need to lack their humanity.  Not even when one side of the war isn’t human! So it was this week, when a dead raccoon was found street side in Toronto, that Animal Services was contacted to respectfully remove the corpse and see to it that it was properly interred.  However, as with all bureaucratic entities, they were a little slow to deal with the situation.  The body remained on display for 14 hours before they got around to removing it.  Maybe the government sought to make an example of the death.  Still, the humans in the city did not leave the raccoon corpse to sit and rot, undignified, in the sun.  Rather, they paid their respects with candle light vigils, offerings, and–in a very 21st century twist–a hashtag: #deadraccoonto (the “to” being the abbreviation for Toronto) and taking to twitter to voice their grief over the death, love for the animal, and outrage at the city’s handling of the situation. The body was watched over until it was finally disposed.

Truly, a touching event that will be remembered by dozens for days to come.

Source: Bored Panda


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