RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Too Nice for a Job

920x920The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is currently undergoing an expansion, which subcontracted to RFJ Meiswinkel Company.  The construction site has been suffering some turmoil of late due to an infestation of raccoons.  Management hired a pest removal company to handle to situation (through capture, removal and termination).  So it came to be that on the morning of February 27 the crew, including Todd Sutton, arrived on site to find a rather adorable raccoon caught in a trap.  Todd, feeling sympathy for the little critter (which he took a picture of, seen above) scooped up the occupied trap, put it in his pickup truck, and took the raccoon to nearby Embarcadero to release it.

He was subsequently terminated from his position with RFJ Meiswinkel, with the explanation that he’d stolen property from the company.  I’m not entirely sure to what they refer as the trap would really belong to the subcontracted pest removal company–which they got back.  So presumably their belief is that upon capturing the raccoon it became the company’s property?  Do they run a petting zoo on the side?

No good deed goes unpunished, especially when it comes to the attention of heartless corporations.

It’s not all cloudy skies and pink slips, however, as Todd has already at another job and says he wouldn’t have changed anything he did.  Good for him!

Somebody buy this man a six pack!

Source: SFGate


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