RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Your Grocer’s Freezer

A week ago there was a bit of a stir as someone spotted frozen, bagged raccoon at a local Asian supermarket in the area of Los Angeles.  In typical ignorant fashion, their immediate response was to post a YouTube video (above) filled with incredulity and swearing.  In response, the store’s management–despite insisting raccoon has been sold for a decade at their location–pulled the product from their shelves and is under investigation.  The authorities have responded that raccoon is a perfectly legal product to be sold at grocers depending on how it’s sourced and the sourcing is currently under investigation.

So there.  An ignoramus got a store in trouble and is having government money wasted to inspect something that’s probably fine just because it’s uncommon.  Me?  If I saw frozen raccoon I’d probably buy it and then figure out how to cook it.  It’s how I learned to cook squid.  Although it didn’t turn out well.  At least I tried!

Source: L.A. Weekly


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