RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: A Tour of Raccoon Mountain

Bob101909_011Back in late 2005 I spent a few weeks in Chattanooga, TN for work.  While driving, I saw a sign for scenic Raccoon Mountain which immediately became must-see attraction for me (fortunately work didn’t require me to go home during the weekends, and I usually didn’t.)  It was an interesting time, although the tour guide seemed kind of annoyed that there was one person who showed up for the cave tour that day.  Also, his answer that “it’s called raccoon mountain because it kind of has the shape of a raccoon” struck me as bullshit since it totally doesn’t. I wasted so much money in the gift shop for that place!

Anyway, the local (to Chattanooga) news site, Nooga.com (which sounds mildly racist, but isn’t) recently ran a photo essay about hiking one of the many trails in and around Raccoon Mountain.  Now, living in Colorado these days, picturesque hiking options are a dime a dozen, but out on the East Coast you take what you can get.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to potentially come across a raccoon on raccoon mountain?  Things couldn’t get raccoonier!

Source: Nooga.com


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