RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: NYC Raccoons are Pretty, Well Read


Two amusing news bits involving raccoons in the Big Apple this weekend.  First was one furry miscreant, unimaginatively referred to as Li’l “Rocky” by the writer of the article, that was found in a beauty shop and eventually wrangled by the police.  The story would be more amusing if it didn’t end on the news that raccoons obtained in such a way are usually euthanized to determine whether they were rabid.

I can’t imagine raccoons have much need for eye shadow.

Source: New York Post

The second item is commentary from The Gothamist about a picture sent in by a reader.  In reality, it’s a raccoon fussing with something while facing a newspaper laid out on the ground in Central Park.  To the more imaginative it’s a super intelligent origami folding raccoon who reads up on human news upside-down.  I like that version more. I’d like to think he’s looking up showtimes for Guardians of the Galaxy (which, by the way, is the biggest movie of the year.)

Do they still print movie times in newspapers? Man, I’m old.


Source: Gothamist


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