RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Orphan Babies & Nude Selfies

faefaee0-243a-423f-a42d-b6292cffe766A viral video making the rounds is of a couple of orphaned baby raccoons being cared for by Wildcare of the Bay Area. It’s always cute to see baby animals being cared for, but I have to be honest, I don’t find these babies all that adorable.  It’s kind of like how newborn baby pandas are kind of nasty looking.  But it’s not their fault.  And they do get real cute, real fast.

In other news, the whole Fappening of 2014 got widespread attention from the media, so much so that even the snooty New Yorker (well, their website at any rate, which I’m surprised they’d deign to have) had a cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz (may the Schwartz be with you!) commenting on it.  You can see it here.


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