RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: A Tasteful Victory



In jolly old England, one of the more popular brand of crisps (British for “potato chips,” whereas “chips” is British for “French fries”) is Walkers.  Much like (Frito)Lays here in the United States (not surprising, since Walkers is owned by PepsiCo, who also owns Lays) they do an annual “who would eat that?!” contest called “Do Us a Flavor.” However, while the American version has such tantalizing tastes as cappuccino and bacon cheese, the British get treated to chicken curry, pulled pork, and ranch raccoon.

Wait, what?

Yes, created by Robert Gibson, this bizarre flavor combination by a man from Harrogate is inspired by his interest in things American, which in this case meant the popularity of ranch and the uniqueness of our fauna.  It’s described as having a gamey flavor accented by sour cream and onion.  To be honest, I never gave much thought to what actually made up ranch dressing, but those sound about right

Like a raccoon, I’ll eat damn near anything, up to and including raccoon.  I think they’re cute and all, but they’re still meat.  And in chip … sorry … crisp form I’d be more willing to eat it knowing no raccoons were hurt in making the crisp.  I hope it wins the grand prize of a million pounds!

Source: Ripon Gazette


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