RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Rocket Everywhere

guardians-of-the-galaxy-trailer-teaser-rocketIn the aftermath of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s record-breaking opening weekend, raccoons (or specifically one fictional raccoon) have seen more coverage in the media than usual. Two stories caught my attention:

First was an article from the New York Times about how a co-creator of Rocket Raccoon, Bill Mantlo, was unable to attend a public screening of the movie and instead got to watch a private one arranged by Marvel (owned by Disney.)  Ever since a car accident in 1992 he’s been in care at a nursing home and reliant on medicaid and contributions from fans to afford his medical bills.  This touched off on a discussion of creators’ rights in the regards to the Big 2 comic publishers.

SOURCE: Armed Animals Don’t Invent Themselves @ The New York Times

The second article that caught my interest was Scientific American‘s discussion of raccoon intelligence and the potential to make animals as smart as humans.  I didn’t know that experiments had been done involving mice and grafting human brain tissue in theirs.  It had some interesting effects, but was a far cry from achieving any real anthropomorphism. 

SOURCEPutting Rocket Raccoon’s Hippocampus into Hyperdrive @ Scientific American



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