RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Okay, maybe that “thief” thing isn’t just a dirty stereotype.

hqdefaultThe less glorious than named Raccoon Mountain near Chattanooga, TN is a popular attraction among tourists and hikers.  As much as anything in Chattanooga could be popular or attract tourists, at any rate.  I know I was super disappointed by the lack of raccoons at the place, but stoked by the abundance of raccoon merchandise in the gift shop.  Sadly, thieving scum have been making a trip to raccoon mountain a more perilous prospect, as there’s been a rash of break ins at the parking lot.  Of course, the local police and newspaper suspect human thieves. I don’t mean to be racist or anything, but I’m just saying that the place is called Raccoon Mountain, so a bunch of raccoons nearby seems likely.

Source: WDEF 12


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