Mommy & Kid from Walt's Camera World
Mommy & Kid from Walt’s Camera World

It’s Mother’s Day! (Or is that Mothers’ Day, as in a day belonging to all mothers?)  Let’s celebrate by recognizing some raccoon mothers (from children’s books.)

  1. The Kissing Hand written by Audrey Penn and illustrated by Ruth Harper & Nancy Leak is a cute little tale about a mommy teaching her son not to be afraid to be away from her. It kicked off a series of books focusing on the son, Chester (the mom goes nameless; and thank goodness the writer avoided the temptation to alliterate his name.)  I think it’s a shame how, as the books progressed, the illustration took on a more cartoon-like as opposed to the more whimsical style of the first one.  Also, Chester is now marketed up the wazoo.
  2. If I Could (A Mother’s Promise) written by Susan Milord & illustrated by Christopher Denise details a mother and son raccoon enjoying a day together (in poem) and how the only thing she regrets (spoiler warning) is how she can’t love her son any more.
  3. Please Pick Me Up, Mama! written and illustrated by Robin Luebs is a board book about a mother and her young daughter playing.

I suppose there’s an emphasis on mothers and their children–so far as raccoons are concerned–since the males really don’t get involved in the rearing of the babies.  Although I seriously doubt the realities of such a thing have much bearing on children’s books, although I don’t think I found anything involving daddy raccoons.  I’ll have to search harder on Fathers’ Day (or is it Father’s Day?)


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