Free Comic Book Day (Hooray?)

A Partial View Inside Mile High Comics' Warehouse Store
A Partial View Inside Mile High Comics’ Warehouse Store

Free Comic Book Day (or FCBD to those in the know) was never such a pain in the neck for me in previous years.  Of course, in previous years, I was always elsewhere (New Jersey and then Virginia after that.) The comic book scene here in the Denver area is a little sparse in comparison, with the market dominated by the local chain, Mile High Comics (but in their defense, their flagship store is gargantuanly huge.)  They were also able to attract the biggest star to the area, for a comic shop at any rate, by managing to snag Henry Winkler, promoting his children’s books series about a kid with dyslexia.   Of course, if you really wanted to see famous people, you’d be better off at Starfest this weekend.

Anyway, this year’s FCBD taught me something important: this event isn’t for me. Oh, sure, there’s an aspect of the limited edition-ness of the comics that should appeal to the collector lust in me, but in the end, waiting in a line with hundreds of parents and their kids–who wouldn’t give comics a passing notice any other day of the year–just isn’t worth the effort to me.  In previous years, getting ahold of the comics was as easy as walking into the store, grabbing whatever you wanted, and leaving.  Maybe, if the store was having a big sale in conjunction with the event, you’d look around to take advantage of the deals.

It’s just not worth the effort for these free comics.

Hell, even with Mile High Comics running a BOGO promotion on hardcover comics and TPBs I felt I wasted my time trying to find something to spend money on.  Even as big a store as they had, I couldn’t find enough of the dozen or comics I was interested in to warrant a purchase.  I suppose it’s just the traditional pain in the ass of dealing with brick and mortar retail.

I’m going to have to sit this event out next year.  And continue to shift my buying toward digital comics or ordering through Amazon.  I know, I’m the cancer killing comic book stores, but I’ve been left with no other choice.

BTW: Am I the only one weirded out by the number of kids who are totally familiar with The Walking Dead? There’s some extreme stuff going on in that show (you know, the moments that break up the way long periods of absolute boredom) and I didn’t think parents would let their kids watch it.  Oh well, changing times.


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