RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Or is it a Chupa-thingy?

Nobody looks good while eating.
Nobody looks good while eating.

The famed Chupacabra of lore, dating all the way back to 1995, was recently definitively captured for the first time again by a Texas couple.  The reportedly fearsome beast with supernatural abilities to evade capture (and possible connection to UFOs and aliens or perhaps extra-dimensional beings who use blood as a source for power, perhaps the evolution of the legendary vampire if not its factual origin) was kept in a wire caged and look rather pitiful and even scared.  So, your call: unnatural hell beast of horror or perhaps just a hairless animal, probably raccoon, due to some unfortunate disease (likely mange.) Regardless, the stupendous find of the mythical being has been put down, with the couple who captured it insisting they found something otherwise unknown to science.  Because that’s what you do with a discovery; dispose of it.

Source: Yahoo! News


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