RACCOONS IN THE NEWS: Save the Ringtails


I didn’t know raccoons were endangered! Well, I did post about the pygmy raccoon not too long ago, but still, you don’t typically think of the raccoon as being an endangered species.  Well, I suppose it’s not the raccoon that’s in need of help, so much as members of its family, the procyonidae.  They don’t look as cute as the raccoon itself, except the ringtail proper, Actually, most alarming was learning that chinchillas–which are super adorable–are also endangered!  I don’t get why so many assholes just need to wear fur anything, and why, if that’s necessary, the producers of such products can’t just breed some for that purpose (it seems to work well enough for leather.)  It’s not exactly humane, but it makes far more sense to produce your own sustainable population than to hunt your resources into extinction.  But then who ever said the human race was logical?

And I guess I’m kind of a prick for using cuteness as the basis for wanting to help animals.

Source: Standard Examiner


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