Stephen Colbert atop an American eagle
Now here’s something dramatic with an eagle!

For months now I’ve been warning about the impending uprising of raccoons against the humans.  Recently there was news that gave me hope we’ll be able to weather the storm; nature itself has shown its resilience!  Additionally, it’s done so by using the symbol of America to let us know that We shall come out triumphant in the upcoming war.

You see, there are a pair of bald eagles nesting in the Hays neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  This is apparently a rare occurrence (i.e., it’s a big deal) so naturally a 24/7 webcam was set up to allow people to observe the daily (i.e., kind of boring) activities of the eagles. Recently, however, things livened up when a raccoon attempted to snatch the eggs away from the mama bird who made a fierce display to scare off the interloper. It’s a pretty thrilling ten seconds in a four minute video clip. AMERICA IS NUMBER 1!!

Source: Dramatic Video of a Raccoon Attacking the Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagles


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