Is he going to punch me with a flower?

The movie The Nut Job, from ToonBox Entertainment, came out last week.  I didn’t see it, despite the antagonist being a raccoon named Raccoon (how much more raccoon can you get?) voiced by Liam Neeson, the man who just sounds awesome saying he will kill you. Because it really is just another ill-conceived children’s film riddled with puns, pop culture references, and the mistaken impression that you can only cast big names for voice work. Reviews for it were unsurprisingly scathing, and despite opening in third place (coming in after a movie that released a week before) the marketers have been crowing about how it performed better than Frozen (which came out a month and a half before, was much better reviewed, and actually stands a chance of being remembered in six months.)

Well, I guess people might recall that The Nut Job existed a couple of years from now when the already announced sequel is released.

I’m just grumpy because there’s no talking Raccoon the raccoon doll with Liam Neeson’s voice.


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