Dolphins Ain’t so Great

Not Willie!
Piercing a human torso is child’s play for the average land dolphin.

Another interesting combination of articles in close proximity (temporally speaking).  First was this article last Wednesday from Discovery News that lauded the strength of dolphins.  It’s purportedly ten times that of your average human, and presumably stronger than even five gorillas. All that strength was for naught, however, as today came news that the Japanese were starting up their annual dolphin hunt in a place called Taiji.  This was done by rounding up around five hundred dolphins in a cove to make them ready for harvesting, although supposedly only one hundred or so would actually be killed.  The international community, especially conservationists, are unsurprisingly upset and demanding a stop, leading to the usual bickering about hypocrisy and respecting others’ cultures and traditions.  If dolphins are so strong and so smart, how do they keep falling for this year after year?  Checkmate, cetaceans!


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