RACCOON (OWNERS) IN THE NEWS: Brown for Governor

Political Graffiti in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Source: Poole

I recently told you all about a redneck known for dancing with his raccoon, which was taken away from him by a cold, unfeeling world. Well, Mark Brown, the human in the pair, has decided to fight back by aiming all the way for the top; he’s running for governor of Tennessee. It seems like kind of a single-issue candidate, seeing as the only political matter he has a voice on is making it a little less stringent to have a wild animal as a pet in that state.  Still, you can’t argue with his campaign slogan: “This is all about the raccoon.”

Sadly, while that would be compelling to me, it doesn’t seem like the makings of a winning campaign. Good luck in the primaries, though!

Source: The Tennessean


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