The Cloud is the Future, and you WILL Like It!


The companies have spoken, and they have stated that you will live in the cloud, so far as using a computer is used.  It comes with its benefits … but also its perils.  Hey, it’s convenient, I can re-install OSX on my MacBook, and just by logging into my Apple ID I can get back all of the programs I used to have (the ones purchased through the app store, at least) without needing to fumble around with installation disks or hunting down the software online.  Convenient!  I also didn’t have to worry about losing any important data, because I had that on Google Docs.

But then the dark side reared its ugly head.  Like when iTunes, for whatever reason, decided to ignore the external hard drive I’d directed it towards for my library and started dumping all of the iOS apps onto my meager SSD.  The result? It turns out you can shove seven pounds of shit into a five pound sack!  I would have thought it a physical impossibility, but the partition became bigger than the drive was capable of holding.   Not only was the SSD screwed, but it was also unfixable (or at least that’s what I had to conclude after hours of trying to simply format the damn thing.)

Or there’s my recent foray into using Windows 8.  After installing Chrome I was annoyed that I had to log in to my Google account (one of many) just to start using some free extensions.  Sadly, this also signaled to Chrome that I wanted to make the browser just like it was the last time I logged into Chrome with this account.  The next thing I knew my browser was hijacked and loaded up with extensions (half of which didn’t work,) bookmarks I hadn’t looked at in years, and a really hideous theme I’ll convince myself I once used as a joke.  So then I had to remove all that crap, because the cloud had decided I wanted it there.

Or maybe there’s Microsoft’s own SkyDrive.  In Windows 7 (and OSX) there’s a convenient application I can install which will allow me to access these networked drives like I would any other folder on my computer.  Not so in Windows 8.  If you want to browse your SkyDrive without using your web browser (which might allow you to drag and drop files between the local and networked drive) then you need to go whole hog! This is the cloud, after all, and how could you not want to embrace it fully?  Try to log in to SkyDrive and you’ll be forced to sync the account with the computer, so that your login and the SkyDrive login are one and the same (and equally susceptible to being compromised?) and the Windows Live Mail app will be accessing the related email account, even if you’d rather your mail went through some other program.

So the cloud:

  • It will make decisions for you.
  • It will kill your hardware.
  • You have no choice!

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