WordPress uses Google Authenticator … as an excuse to get your phone number!


I logged into WordPress today to write my annual music of the year post.  I was greeted to a message encouraging me to sign up for dual authentication to better secure my WordPress account.  I figured, okay, I use to it to keep another service I frequently use secure, so why not here.  Oddly, and unnecessarily, WordPress requires you to give them your phone number to authenticate me so I can authenticate myself going forward using Google Authenticator.  That’s rather amusing, actually.  If I’m already able to get into the site because I’ve had a cookie keeping me authenticated all this time–and never disputed the access–why do I suddenly need to supply them with my phone number at this point just to see a QR code?  Why couldn’t they authenticate me using the e-mail address already tied to this account?  Oh, right, because these assholes want any excuse to get more personal information on me.  How about before I make myself more secure from the hackers that WordPress wants to convince me are just dying to break into my account, they make an effort to assure me that I’m not going to be pestered by a dozen advertisements a day from some god-forsaken call center because these assholes asked for my information unnecessarily?


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